Friday, January 11, 2013

New Years Resolution Help!

Right now you can win a 2 week FREE PASS to Curves! Bring your receipt from any curves purchase from Avon to claim your two week pass! New Guests only! 

If your resolution is to lose weight this year - just remember one thing. Baby Steps! Don't tell youself that you are going to lose a certain amount right away. Make your goal smaller to start. Tell yourself you are going to lose 2 pounds this month! Then maybe 2 pounds next. BABY STEPS! You can do this! :):) My resolution is to stop cussing! Yes. I admit it. I cuss sometimes. Its ugly and I know and I admit it. I have been doing very well so far. One thing I have to remember though is to not cuss in my head either! hahaha.. ;) Makes no sense if that is what I am doing right? GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! 

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On sale only 5.99. Was 29.99. Perfect for your little valentine in your life. My little ones birthdays are coming up next month so one is getting the blue one and the other the pink. :)

Do you like that "Crackle" look on your nails? Well now you can get 2 for 6.99! 

Do you have a football fan in your life?? Give him the gift that shows off his team spirit and pride! 

LOVE THAT LOOK! With Anew! This stuff does work. :) 

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