Monday, June 6, 2016

Book of Virtues: Which Loved Best?

As a mother of six, I could not help but smile after reading this from the Book of Virtues. 

Which Loved Best? by Joy Allison

"I love you Mother," said little John; 
Then forgetting his work, his cap went on. 
And he was off to the garden swing,  
Leaving his mother the wood to bring. 
"I love you Mother," said rosy Nell, 
"I love you more than tongue can tell." 
Then she teased and pouted full half the day. 
Till her mother was glad when she went to play. 
"I love you Mother," said little Fan, 
"Today I'll help you all I can; 
How glad I am that school doesn't keep!" 
And she rocked the babe til he fell asleep. 

Then stepping softly, she took the broom, 
And swept the floor, and dusted the room. 
Busy and happy all day was she; 
Helpful and happy as a child could be. 

"I love you Mother," again they said, 
Three little children going to bed. 
How do you think their mother guessed
Which of them really loved her best?

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Avon Product Recall List

Hello everyone. As an Avon Rep. I feel it is important to let you know which items have been recalled and why. There are some instances when the items are only recalled for small reasons and other times for much more important reasons. Regardless, you should always be informed!

My little Pony Light Up Watching
August 5, 2015

Nut Chopper 
July 15, 2015

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May 13, 2014

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May 16, 2013

If you would like more information as to why these products were recalled, please click on over to my website and see full reasons! Happy Shopping and please be safe and take care of yourself always! RECALLED ITEMS DESCRIPTION  

 Last update: 6/06/2016
First time costumer? Free shipping with any size order with code FIRSTREP at checkout.