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Remember Those Who Have Fallen

"Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service." Here is a site that you can go to read poems, lyrics to song, speeches and poems. US Memorial Day I lost an Uncle to the Vietnam war. My grandmother lost her second son that day. We still think of him and love him very much! Henry Chester Klinger
Specialist Four
Army of the United States
30 August 1949 - 01 January 1970
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Stolen Identity On Facebook

I was listening to talk radio today. Yes, I listen to it a lot! You can learn a lot from talk radio. Anyway - So this woman author decides to get on to facebook after not really wanting to for a long time. She decides that she is going to join because her colleges are pressuring her and assuring her that she can get more readers this way. After what I think was a couple months had gone by she received a direct message from her friend. He was telling her that the kind of page that she had created was inappropriate and not something that was smiled upon. Also he reminded her that the pages were not private and that everyone could see what she was displaying. He then left her a link to this page. She clicked on it and what she found horrified her. Someone had set up an account with her picture as the avatar and her full name. However instead of selling her books they were acting as if she were selling herself for sex. She called it "trolling for sex". I guess in some of the per…

Joplin Tornado May 22nd

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This scared me. I hate Tornado season. They are like monsters that come out for feeding! 
I found this tutorial on you tube and I really wanted to share it with you. I thought it was so cute that I ran upstairs and tried it on my daughter. We need to pick up more bobby pins in order to get it right. But I think once we get it  - its going to be so cute!   If you try this... let me know how it turns out!

Camp. 12.


Kindness To Animals

Teach your children to be kind to all things that are smaller than themselves. Teach them by taking care of them with loving eyes and loving hands. Remember that everything starts in the home. You did not like the way you were raised? Then end that cycle now.

"Compassion may be first learned through kindness to all creatures great and small" -William J. Bennett

Little children, never give Pain to things that feel and live, Let the gentle robin come For the crumbs you save at home, As his meat you throw along He'll repay you with a song. Never hurt the timid hare Peeping from her green grass lair, Let her come and sport and play On the lawn at close of day. The little lark goes soaring high To brigh windows of the sky, Singing as if 'twere always spring, And fluttering on an untired wing- Oh! Let him sing his happy song, Nor do these gentle creatures wrong.

Pretty Fingernails!

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Art classes for this year are almost over! And so is Campaign 11.

There is only a couple more days till Campaign 11 is over. If you missed anything of course you know you can still put in for a backorder later. :) I will keep those links open to you at all times! Today I am tired. Its cloudy outside. It keeps raining a little here.. a little there...

I am hoping this summer I can paint a little more. I really need to find a groove where I can kinda pace myself. Kinda like when I was in school. One hour for this subject a day.. Another for this subject. So I have Family - Painting - Crocheting - Avon. Just need to figure out how to delegate it all. Staying off the net would probably help a lot! hahahaha...

This is the last week for my art classes. I really did not think it would bother me too much. Yesterday I ended one and when all the children were telling me their stories about their silly animals - I honestly did not hear much of them. I just watched the kids as they talked. I looked at their faces and their happy eyes. I then became very sad. …

"My name is Jesus, and I'm serious,"

I was just reading about Alan John Miller and his wife. I watched a couple of his videos and listened to what he had to say. Have you ever heard of him?? What do you think??? I actually have no words to explain what I am thinking. Maybe in time I will but I do not believe I am knowledgeable enough to really talk much about it. What about you?

The cost of things in 1987

I was reading about the difference of costs from in the 80's compared to today. I wanted to share some of that with you.

The average cost of a new home: $127,200.00A VCR(no DVDs yet): $270.00Ground Beef = 3 bucks a poundAn 11oz can of ground coffee: $2.00A six-pack of Coke: $1.89Box of Frozen waffles: $1.50A 10 Disk CD Changer: $400.00A camcorder: $100.00A first class stamp: $0.22Gas: $0.96 per gallon!A candy bar: $0.40A walkman: $45.00A dozen eggs: $1.00A gallon of milk: $1.80A loaf of bread: $1.25Average price of a new car: $10,500.00A pack of Cigs: $1.25 (actually I remember when my mom bought them for $1.10)A box of cereal: $1.90A Car Phone: $1,400.00One Share of Microsoft Stocks: about $100.00
Times sure have changed! I remember when a walkman was out of the question for me because they were so expensive. A Cabbage Patch Doll at $35.00 was way too expensive as well. 
What was your favorite 80's toy? 

Are you a Painter? Maybe you are a photographer? Maybe even a sculpture?

I have placed some art work on this site. If you would like to check it out you are most welcome! What about you? Are you looking for a place to show off and sale your art? You can even meet other artists and be part of a artist social network! You can sign up for free or you can upgrade your account for only $30 a year! Actually I did sign up for a year. It never hurts to just look right? :)

Did you know?

How funny but did you know that crochet is "hook" in French? So why do we call it a crochet hook? We are calling it a HOOK HOOK! Silly right?

Do you call the ATM an ATM Machine? Do you know what ATM stands for? Automated Teller Machine. So we are calling it the Automated Teller Machine Machine. ;)

Can you think of anything else?

To Sale Or Not To Sale!

I had some trouble with my store lately. For some reason when someone registered on my page - they went to check out and they were sent to the reg. Avon.Com site. Unfortunate. If you want to order some Avon from me - please make sure that when you are checking out, you can still see my face at the top. Thank you! Other wise you would have to place my phone number at the bottom of the check out page. I tried to resolve this problem with Avon but got no where. Sorry.

Anwyays. My blog for today is about being a salesman/woman. I have to say that my hats are off to all of those in this profession. I am just a woman at home with my kids and it is an experience.

A woman came to my door wanting me to buy organic cleaning supplies. When I said Hello to her she started to rap about her product. I do not mean rap aka talk either. She literally started to RAP! I found it amusing. Even my children came to the door and listened to her. Well she started to show me what she could do with this stuf…

My Favourite Picks for Campaign 11.

I was just looking through the brochure. I know I know BAD AVON REP! Well I am being honest - I did not look till tonight. So as I was looking through the brochure and I actually have a bit of a headache from smelling them the colognes!
Avon has added little scratch and sniffs to the brochures! YaY for Avon for jumping on the ban - wagon. Is that what it's called? Ban Wagon? Or is it the Band Wagon? Not important! Okay.. Let me get this started. I talk way too much!


WAIT!! I should make a graphic for this huh? Okay.. Be back!

Okay. Back. Hows this?


















I can not seem to clean that up the way I want to! Its very touchy on the blog. Either way - if it says WANT then.. Well I want one. If it says WORKS then I have it an…

Kids are so cute!

My 6 year old gave me a cook book for mother's day. It was full of all the other children's, plus his, recipes for their favourite foods. This is my son's =

Oatmill. By Xander.
You get the bucket of oatmeal. Get some water and put it in a pot. Let it boil for 7 minutes. Put the oatmeal in the pot. Then you stir it for 8 seconds. Then you eat it! Put some brown sugar on it.

I thought that was so cute!

I loved this one too!

Dinosaur Cookies by Kenley

First you mix the dough. Then you put some flour on it. You cut the shape of a dinosaur. You put them in the oven for I think 3 min. Once they are done baking you ice them with blue or green icing. You can have one if you make them at night or you can have 2 if you make them in the morning.

Hot Dogs By Christian

Get the bread out. Get the meat out. Cook the meat. Put it on the hot dog bun. Put the ketshup and mustard on it. Then it's time to eat!

Chocolate Chip Cookies by Sydney

They are frozen and they are round. Put th…

When its Gone ITS GONE!!

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Choose your own adventure

REG 8.00 On Sale now for 2.99! Plus Free shipping with "first" order. Add Code FIRSTREP at checkout. Today is mothers day! YaY for moms! What a great day to celebrate our mothers. Today I woke up and decided that I was going to make some breakfast. Then I thought - Wait. I am the mom. Today is my day! So why can't the kids do it? At that moment my mood changed. I felt unhappy.I did not want to be unhappy so I decided to "choose my own adventure". I was not going to get upset today. So I made the breakfast just like I would any day and thought about how much I love them. This is why its my day. Because I do things like this! I decided to continue doing it. We had pancakes with dark chocolate chips and some heath candy pieces, bacon and eggs. It was really good. My kids loved it. The younger ones had it all over the sides of their faces and they were happy and laughing. That is why I am a mother! That is why this is my day today! I am happy. Happy to be a mother!…

Song of the day!

To all you wonderful Moms out there! Have a great day and remember - BABY YOU'RE A FIREWORK!!

No more songs stuck in my head!

I really get frustrated when a silly song gets stuck in my head. So yesterday I figured out a way to get rid of it. Every time I would try to sing the song in my mind - I would replace the words with BLAH BLAH BLAH.. But you can not sing that in the songs same tune. It has to be just blah blah blah as if you are saying it to be a jerk! Know what I mean.. It worked.. You can try it and tell me if it works next time! That reminds me. Remember when I posted about how I was sending my grandmother and mother an avon care package for mothers day? I realized a couple days ago - I sent it to myself. I can not believe I did that. Yes I can.

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Online Friends

I just have to come in and tell you how much I love my new friends that I meet online. I actually have two people that I have known for about 12 or 13 years now that I met online. Remember when AOL was big? That is where I met them. When chatting and IM's were really fun. One of those said person's is like a mother to me now. She is the one that I call on the phone when I need advice about God or my children. I trust her with all my heart. I have met her 3 times I believe now in those years. I love her more and more as the days go by too. Then the other one he is about my age. He has been one of my best friends ever since. He has been there to help me through a lot of my growing up and my stressful days. I have never met him in person though. He lives all the way across the other side of the states. But I care for him just the same. :) And now I am meeting a couple more really nice people on the net and I am very thankful for that. :) Thank you to those of you who know who I …

Camp. 11 is here!

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