Sunday, September 25, 2011

Introducing GENICS

Does it make you feel uncomfortable when people ask you your age? Well now you can tell them how old you are because they are not going to believe you anyway after you use ANEW GENICS from Avon! This product is designed to STIMULATE your YOUTH GENE'S activity.  YOU can LOOK up to 10 YEARS younger than you really are!  And if you buy Anew Genics night time cream you can buy Anew Day Time cream for only $10! For more information click 
More Info About Anew Genics From Avon!  Also receive free shipping for orders over $30! 

Are you a lip gloss lover?? Avon is having a sale on Glaze Wear! You can get two for 5.00! Saves you 7.00! I have personally tried this lip gloss and I really like it a lot! It last longer and it is not sticky like most lip glosses. The colors are very impressive as well! GlazeWear LipGloss Sale!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Winter is coming!

Finally an end to those super hot days and nights! However I can feel my skin starting to dry out as the cooler winds come in. Last night there was a tornado watch here. So it seems "they" are back. I do not like Tornadoes. They scare me. When I see those clouds coming in and they look like a mother ship - I always think of those sci fi movies where the aliens are coming. The Monsters! Dramatic.. I know! Anyway all is well and the ground has gotten a nice cool drink of long needed water!

So how is everything going for you all today? Nice Sunday to you all. :)

If you are feeling the dry air maybe its time to stock up on some lotions. Smelly lotions too! I like the Avon Naturals. I think they smell good and you do not have to spend a fortune on them - especially when they go on sale. And that is the good thing about Avon is they go on sale very often. You just have to keep checking back so that you do not miss the campaign when they do...

If you click here it will take you directly to a search that I have created for you so that you can see all the lotions that are on sale - AVON LOTIONS - ON SALE NOW

Also do not forget to look in the OUTLET GET IT BEFORE ITS GONE section. You can find some really good deals there sometimes. But of course you will never know till you look. It cost nothing to look. :)
Oh and of course let us not forget the great BUNDLE deals that Avon is throwing right now. Find yourself a bundle deal with Avon! Make sure you go to the WOW catalog to find them. They have 5 pieces sets priced at 9.99 right now! I have a favorite little smell that I can not find anymore from Avon and I think its a seasonal lotion. Apple Spice and Pumpkin Spice. I am almost out though so I hope they bring them back soon. I love love love the way they smell.

If you are looking for some lotion just to make you smell really good then we have those on sale also. For example : Haiku is normally 10.00 but its on sale right now for only 5.99.  You can follow this link to see some of the other fragrance based lotions that Avon has available - Fragrance Lotions

If you are a first time buyer at my Avon shop you can receive FREE SHIPPING on any size order that you choose! If its 5.00 you can get free shipping. All you have to do is punch in this code FIRSTREP at check out and you are on your way. If you decide to return to my online shop then you will receive FREE SHIPPING of any 30.00 or more! I think that is a pretty good deal.  

I Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and please be safe! XO!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Free Crochet Pattern (Ribbon Baby Bonnet)

I know some of you know me well enough by now and know that I love to crochet! And I know that some of you like to crochet as well. So I wanted to share a pattern with you that I thought was super cute! This baby bonnet is absolutely beautiful!
Not so interested in this one? Here are two more. These are easier and they are for Granny Squares.
One Color Granny Square
Flowering Grannies

So lets get started shall we?


This bonnet is designed for ages 3 to 9 months and weight around 11 to 18 pounds. But if you are familiar with babies you know that it really depends! I remember when my children were babies and I would buy pant and shirt sets for them at that age. The shirts were always too small but the pants fit just fine and they were supposed to fit. So I think you just have to make it then if your baby is close - measure it out as you make it. I am sure this bonnet is sure to be a family heirloom. I hope that makes a little sense to you. XO!

Materials: Bedspread weight crochet cotton. Crochet hooks sizes 5 and 8. 1/4 wide satin ribbon. 2 1/2 yards each of the colors of your choice. In this pattern Blue, green, lilac, pink and yellow are used.   And then you will need 1" wide satin ribbon. 1 1/2 yards.. White.    Also some sewing thread and needle.

Beg at back of bonnet with size 5 hook, CH 8, join with a sl st to form a ring.

Round 1: CH 3. 23 DC in ring; join with sl st in top of beg CH-3. 24 DC made counting beg CH-3 as 1 DC here and through the rest of pattern.

Round 2: CH 5, do not turn; mark for right side of work. * DC in next DC, CH 2; rep from * around, join with a sl st in 3rd CH of Beg CH-5 = 24 DC.

Round 3: Sl st in next sp, CH 5, do not turn; * DC in next sp, CH 2; rep from around, join as before = 24 sps.

Round 4: Sl st in next sp, CH 5, do not turn; work (DC, CH 2, DC) all in next sp {INC MADE}; CH 2, * DC in next sp, CH 2; work INC of (DC, CH 2, DC) in next sp, CH 2; rep from * 10 time more, join with a sl st in 3rd CH of beg CH - 5 = 36 sps

Round 5: Sl st in next sp, CH 5, do not turn; * DC in next sp, CH 2; rep from * around, join as before.

Round 6: Sl st in next sp, CH 5, do not turn; DC in same sp, CH2; * ( DC in next sp, CH 2) twice; INC as before in next sp, CH 2; rep from * 10 times more, work (DC, CH2) in each of last 2 sps, join as before = 48 sps.

Round 7: Rep Rnd 5

Round 8: Sl st in next sp, CH 5, do not turn; DC in same sp, CH 2 ; * (DC in next sp, CH 2) 3 times, INC in next sp, CH 2; rep from * 10 times more, work (DC, CH 2) in each of the last 3 sps, join as before = 60 sps.

Round 9: Sl st in next sp, CH 5, do not turn; * DC in next sp, CH 2; rep from * 50 times more, DC in next sp. You will now work in rows, turning at beg of each row. {Rem 7 spaces are left un worked for back of neck.}


Row 1: CH 3, turn; DC in first sp, CH 2; * CD in next sp, CH 2; rep from * 49 times more, DC in last sp (UNDER Tch), DC in 3rd CH of CH - 5 (TCH) = 51 sps.

Row 2: CH 5, turn; SK first DC, * DC in next sp, Ch 2; rep from * across, ending DC in last sp, CH 2, Sk last DC, DC in top of TCH = 52 sps.

Rows 3 through 13: Rep Rows 1 and 2 five times, then rep Row 1 more time.

Rows 14 - 17: Change to size 8 hook; rep Rows 2 and 1 twice. Do not finish off: you will now be working into sps along neck edge.


Row 1: CH 3m turn works slightly and work 2 DC in sp at end of each row of Crown. {37 DC}; 2 DC in each of 7 sps left un worked for back neck edge {14 DC}; 2 DC in sp at end of each row of Crown to last row, 3 DC in last sp {37 DC}; use a small safety pin and mark last DC just made. You should have 88 DC.

Row 2: CH 3, turn; DC in each DC across, ending DC in top of TCH. You will work in rnds along neck and front edge.

Round 1: CH 3, turn; DC in each DC across neck edge, DC in top of TCH; CH 3 , work a shell of (3 DC, CH 2, 3 DC) in marked st; SK the first sp on Crown, work a shell in next DC of Crown; * Sk 1 DC, she in next dc; rep from * 23 times more, works a shell in last sp on Crown: shell in DC at end of first row of Neck Edge Trim. Join with a sl st in top of beg CH-3 = 28 Shells.

Round 2: CH 1, do not turn; sc in same sp as joining and in every DC along neck edge; across shells, SC in each DC and in each CH - 2 sp; join with a sl st in beg sc. Finish off.


Steam lightly on wrong side. Beg at center back and weave ribbons through each round and row, repeating this sequence: lilac, green, blue yellow then pink. To weave, place a small safety pin in the end of ribbon and weave in and out of sps, leaving a 1" hem allowance on each end of ribbon. DO NOT CUT RIBBON UNTIL FINISHED WEAVING. Fit ribbon as desired , remembering it will not stretch after tacking. Cut ribbon, turning under twice for hem, and pin each end to bottom edge of bonnet on inside. After all ribbons are in place, tack on inside with white sewing thread, stretching slightly as you stitch.


Cut white ribbon in half, cut a V shaped notch into one end of each piece. At other end of each piece, make a half bow as shown in the picture. Sew firmly to each corner of bonnet.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hi Everyone!

I was poking around my site at all the new sales
that are going on so I wanted to share with you ...

Have you tried Avon's Virtual MakeOver? If you have not seen it yet feel free to check it out. Just follow this link and see what it is all about : Vitural MakeOver By Avon

Not a ton has been going on with me these days. I have been kinda busy working on The Art Of Necking blog and my art blog. My babies are back in school and my youngest is just starting out school for the first time this year. She is now is Preschool. She likes it very much. She says the only things that she doesn't like is that she is there too long (3 hours) and her teacher likes to boss everyone around. My oldest is now starting her second year in college. I am very proud of her. I am also starting my Young Rembrant classes again next week. I am excited for that. Well I should get back to the kids. I need to read to them before they go to bed tonight. I hope you are all safe and healthy tonight!

Have you ever heard of a Corpse Flower? You can read a little about one here - Frankie Stockman Art Blog
Or maybe you want to learn a little about Kung Fu Volleyball?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Woo I got my lipstick! Check it out.

I was so excited about how perdy it was that I had to show it off with pictures! When I took the picture of it in my bathroom I was trying to find pretty things to go next to it. Hope you do not mind my 1.50 bracelets that I got at Forever 21! I opened it up and it even smells good. Almost sweet like candy. I have this color in the "Loriel" brand and it makes me sad because while I love the color I do not like the lipstick. It makes my lips feel really dried out. However - this stuff doesn't. I am glad I got it. And I only paid 2.99 for it. I wasn't kidding when I said I only buy the Avon when it is on sale.  So this particular color is Ultra Color Rick Moisture Seduction. In the color RoseWine.   Here is a link if you would like to see it at the shop - RoseWine Ultra Color Right now its not on sale. Its 8.00. But I am telling you it is nice. Well I like it anyway!  The second picture I took to show off the color. I tried to take a picture of myself but... Seriously... I am always so shy about things like that. So instead I just put some on my finger so you can see the color when its applied. I hope that does help. Well let me know what you think. Do you have a favorite color or are you looking for a favorite color? Do you  have any questions I can answer? Just let me know! You guys all have a good day and of course a super safe weekend!! And thank you very much for stopping by my blog.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Every once in a while Avon has these great sales where you can buy like 4 or 5 things together for on 10.00! This campaign is one of those times! Woohoo! Check it out - by clicking the AVON WOW brochure cover!

Did any of you get any lipstick last campaign? I did. I love that stuff. I have a collection going on in my bag now. I did try some of the GlazeWear Mini Intense. I chose the Crimson. When picking out lipstick you should always choose two colors darker than your real lip color. Makes it look more natural. I tried it on me and my 4 year old. I figured if she can't test its color durability then no one can right?? Its almost out so I am going to have to get a regular sized one pretty soon. I also use the Smooth Minerals lipsticks when they go on sale. I am not even going to try to fake any of you out.. I ONLY buy the Avon when its on SALE. I am looking for Avon Bargains all the time too. Selling Avon is not a get rich scheme by all means. 

Well the kids are not getting ready for school as fast as they need to be so I should probably get going now and help them along! Hope everyone has a great day and stays safe. The world is a scary place sometimes.