Monday, April 16, 2012


Introducing Avon's Professional Hair Coloring System! 
Permanent lasting color with 100% Grey coverage all in three easy steps

Prime - Pre treatment prepares hair so that hair absorbs the color from head to tip evenly. 
Cover and Treat - Non drip creme delivers shiny, long lasting color while covering 100% of grey.
Post Treatment - Uses Shea butter and lock in treatment that leaves hair color strong and shiny for weeks! 

Did I mention Avon also has a roots touch up?? 

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

How deep is your love?

I love this song! I just wanted to share it with you. Its not the Bee Gees but I really like this cover?..... band? The Bird and the Bee. I am going to try to put on nice songs all the time. I just wish I could make my blog smell like a pretty candle or maybe some pretty Avon perfume! Haiku is actually one of my favorites. Anyways! Enjoy! 

Have you thought about what you want to get your mother for Mother's Day this year? Well if you haven't I have some GREAT ideas! Maybe you already have gotten her something and you just want to get a little something for you? Just click on the Beauty, Gifts, Jewelry or Fashion and see what you can find! Happy hunting and if you have any questions at all - please ask me! I am always here to help you out with whatever you may need!

I hope you all have a great day today - tonight - this evening. What ever it is for you - have a great one! :) Be safe and happy! 

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What do you think of me now?

Tonight I am working on a new look again. I know I did this already but to be honest - I really was not 100% happy with it. Now I am getting happy with it. Its so GIRLY! I love it love it love!! I need more lace though. Where can I find more lace?? What do you think of the new blog look? Keep coming back because its only going to get cuter and cuter! 

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It is that time of the year! BUGS ARE OUT!

I was reading in the news today that bugs are worse than ever this year! The winter usually kills off many of the bugs but because our winters were so mild, they didn't. If you are living near a wooded area or where there is a lot of tall grass - then you are likely to have a huge problem with ticks this year. If you have kids (I do) - the that is not a good thing to leave them outside unprotected either (I got them some!). You need to find a way to protect them. Even your animals are going to have serious flea infestations. I have my dog and cats inside and I have at least one outbreak every year. 

Another thing to think about is it is possible that your children may be allergic to some insect bites. So if you have a child that is out playing soccer or even baseball this season its a good idea to protect them and yourself! 

Do you know anyone who works out in construction? Someone who works for Cable Company or even checks utility boxes?? They are around high grass next to homes a lot of time! Get them protected now! 

Avon has the best bug guard. Unlike OFF - Avons Skin so soft bug guard is DEET FREE, CONTAINS 30spf SUNSCREEN and DOES NOT need to be washed off when you come inside. I put a little on my animals also. Helps them keep off the fleas too!  Click here for more information! -> AVON BUG GUARD!

Take it to the ball games with you or if you are out working.

So if you are outdoors - makes sure you are covered up, tuck in your socks inside your pants and keep checking around your wrist and ankles for signs of ticks and make sure you have your spray available at all times! 

Also you can try the original Skin so soft oil. My uncles used to use it when I was a little girl every time they went to deer camp to keep off the bugs! Original Skin So Soft Oil

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


How to get that Smokey Cat Eye Look! 

Avon True Color Quad:                                           

Avon Glimmer Stick Eye Liners  Click For More Information

Avon Super Extend Mascara
On Sale Now for 5.99!
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Avon True Color Blush
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One of my FAVORITES! GlazeWear LipGloss!
Click Here: For More Information!

If you decide to give this makeup tip a try - please let me know how you do! 

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Avon Genics is here!


Have you heard the news about Genics Anew Anti Aging cream?? It works!! It actually works! Check out some of the things that people are saying about it today -

Chris says: I used Christian Dior skincare for 25 years and tried the Avon Anew products on a fluke. The stuff is so amazing I wish had all the money back that I spent on the very high end skin care.

PJ Sellers from Columbia says: 
"I've tried from the very cheapest to the most expensive serums, day, and night creams. I'm a 55+ year old from SC and must say that I was very skeptical at first but I decided to give AVON a try. I ordered the Avon Anew Genics Treatment Cream. Ladies, in two days I noticed my pores are smaller, my face looked more radiant, and I actually started to see some of my dark blemish spots disappear. I still have some of my more expensive creams to finish up...I hate wasting anything these days but I'll use those products from time to time or just leave them alone and take a huge loss. I'm a believer in Avon Anew Genics and will look at purchasing the Avon Plantinum line as well for day/night creams. I hope the Genics Treatment Serum arrive shortly on the market so I can purchase that as well. Trust me, I was very reluctant at first, but I'm now a BELIEVER."

"GENICS WORKS! I've been using this product just over a week and I can already see changes in my skin. I hope Avon brings out more GENICS products.Maybe a night treatment for the entire body?" 

Cindy from Texas says: 
"I love the feel of this cream as I put it on at night. It feels rich but not heavy. I have wrinkles due to sun damage that seem to be less noticeable after using this product for several weeks.

Lizzy from Texas says:
"Reluctant to try since most night creams are heavy and greasy. This one is definitely not. It soaks right into your skin leaving it feeling fresh and soft. As soon as you put it on it your skin looks dewey. The smell is very subtle. Will definitely be purchasing again!" 

How exactly does Genics work?? 
Collagen firms the skin while Hyaluronic Acid plumps the skin.  Avon Genics was designed to boost these two key proteins that decrease with age. Genics is also designed to help erase wrinkles and discolorations. 

Try it for yourself! Money back if not satisfied! 

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Lets get all Fancy!

Hello fellow Avon Lovers! How is everything going for you this week?? My week is alright. Just hanging out. I sold a painting! So that is a good thing!

I wanted to tell you that I tried the Avon lotion in the last blog and OH MY GOSH! I love love love the way it smells! Did I mention this yet??? This scent has an old rose smell to it. If you like the smell of flowers and roses - this is perfect for you! I love it right after a shower and then when I crawl into bed. My side of the bed smells just like it now.. It actually helps me sleep better too just knowing that I am clean and I smell this good. :):) I tell my husband that I smell "Fancy". He laughs. Now there are many other sales that are going on with the skin so soft lotions - this one comes with two bottles of body lotion, one bottle of body wash and then a smaller tube of body lotion. The body wash smells exactly like the lotion. SOOO GOOD! I love it. I am actually going to buy another set. This is the  I bought my first one for only $9.99! For more details - Click Here!

Here you can find the original skin so soft bath oil on sale for only 6.99 - For more details - Click Here

Do you love the "original" Skin so soft body lotion and the way it smells? Then you are in luck! Its also on sale for only 4.99! For more details - Click Here

How about all those sweet body washes that we all love?? These great washes are also on sale for 2.99 each! For more details - Click Here

Lets not forget about Easter and Mothers day!! They are coming up very soon also! Now is your chance to get grab some special deals! Look at this super cute ring set. Perfect for a gift! All for only 5.99! Click Here

For more sales on jewelry please follow this link. They have some very cute things in here and great prices that will not bust your budget but make anyone who is receiving the gifts very happy and feel loved!  FOR MORE GREAT GIFTS FOR SOMEONE SPECIAL CLICK HERE

Remember to shop around and see what else Avon has going on. They always have deals. If your favorite product is not on sale right now - you know it will be soon! So make sure you put me in your favorites! And if you have any questions at all - please do not hesitate to leave me a comment! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STOPPING BY! I APPRECIATE YOU!

XOXO Frankie