Friday, March 23, 2012


Here where I live we had a very mild winter. I know that a lot of us did in the US actually. Well I was told that when you have mild winters then the bugs are going to be awful in the summer. I wasn't really worried about it till the other day when I saw a bug on the wall. Went to see what it was and noticed it is a mosquito! ALREADY? So I jumped on the computer and ordered some skin so soft oil for all of us. One of my daughters is playing softball this year and so when I thought about the evenings when I would have to go out and sit in the bugs - I had no happy thoughts. Glad I sell AVON and know about skin so soft. Now I just got the oil because I know it works for the bugs too. My Uncles used it when they went to deer camp for many many years. I do not believe they go anymore now that we are all older but they did every year when I was a kid. I think they wore pantyhose too! :) Either way I am stocking up! Are you??? Here is a link for the skin so soft. - I also bought the lotions for glowing skin because I wanted to try it out. I got all four bottles for only 9.99! So I am going to try it out. I will for sure let you know what I think of it! :):)
 Want to try it out? It is on sale! SKIN SO SOFT  If it doesn't work the way you think it should then send it back for a full refund! And remember if you are a first time costumer - shipping is free with any size order with this code at check out - FIRSTREP. Also do not forget that any orders over 30 are also free! Questions about shipping? Go to Questions About Shipping With Avon?   Have a great summer. Do not forget to check out these great gift ideas for mothers day! Gift Ideas for Mom!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My First FanPage Giveaway!

I decided that I would do a fan page giveaway! When I get to 150 fans I am going to be giving away these! These earings are an Avon Product! They have never been worn - and straight out of the box. :) Would you like a shot at owning these pretty hoops? Just jump on over and click the "like" button! The winner will be chosen by to keep it fair and honest!

Good LUCK! And hope to see you there. Frankie - Online Avon Consultant Fan Page Giveaway!

Campaign 7 is well on its way!

 Are you looking for some great deals on Eye Shadows? Come and see what Avon has on sale! Great savings! Reg. Price 12.00 on sale now for only 6.99! 8 in 1 Eye Palette

Tiny Tillia 4 piece Bed Spread! Reg. Price 120.00! Get it now for only $35
From drab to fab in a flash! The 180-thread count, 4-Piece Tiny Tillia Crib Bedding Set is 100% U.S. cotton and includes everything you need for the crib. 
The decorative quilt, 33" x 42", features lovely appliques and embroidery perfect for displaying on the wall. 
Crib sheet measures 53.5" x 28.5", bumper measures 157" x 9", and crib skirt measures 28" x 52" x 15".

I love buying things for the kids! And I know they love it too.. 

Splish-splash, our body paints make kids love taking a bath. Soap rolls on like paint and rinses off easily. Now in 6 kid-friendly scents. Ages 3 and up. Each, 1.7 fl. oz. 
If you child doesn't like taking showers then this is a good time to introduce these paints too. They are fun in the shower as well as the bath! Maybe even more. 

What a pretty ring! Its on sale right now! Reg. price 14.99. You can pick it up right now for 9.99!
All of Avon’s jewelry is nickel-free for those with sensitive skin & allergies to nickel.

And this is just to name a few! 
Make sure you check out the Clearance section. 
And always remember - Free shipping for first time costumers with code FIRSTREP. If you order over $30 then you get free shipping anyway! First time or returning.

Butterfly Crochet Pattern

Remember how I told you I love to crochet? I wanted to share this super cute little pattern with you that I found in a book. I made this one just so I could show you how cute they are. If you want to try to make one also - I have written all the steps down. :) Not sure if this is a beginner pattern though. It might be. TRY IT!

Okay. So here is the BRIMSTONE BUTTERFLY!

Stitches explained: 
TR = TRIPLE CROCHET (wrap yarn over hook 3 times)
TRTR= TRIPLE TREBLE (wrap yarn over hook 4 times)
Picot = ch 3. slst (slip stitch) in 2nd ch. from hook. 

You are going to need three different colors. One for the wings, body and then the color for the little circles on the wings. You don't need it but its cute with it. :)

All of these stitches are going to be worked along the ch 13 that you will make. 

WINGS: Using color for wings Ch 13. skip 5th. 2 tr in next ch. Ch 5. 1 sc in next st. Ch 4. (1 tr, 1trtr) in next ch. make picot. (see stitches explained above) Ch 6. slst in next ch. (See photo A. That is where you should be at this point.)  Ch 9. slip stitch in 2nd ch from hook (2nd picot made) (1 trtr , 1 tr) in next ch. Ch 4. 1 sc in next ch. Ch. 5. 2 tr in next ch. (should only have one ch left) ch. 5 slip stitch in last remaining ch. Fasten off. 


BODY: Using color for body, ch 7. skip 1ch from hook. Sc in next. Slip Stitch in next 4 stitches. Fasten off. 

In order to get the antennas, I took my tapestry needle and carefully took the strings that were hanging there and stitched them very loosely up through to the top. Making them stick out like antennas. Then trimmed them. But be sure to keep it loose. You do not want to shorten the body more than it is by pulling the strings through too much. Hope that makes sense. 

What I did next was I took a tapestry needle and where I had fastened off in picture B - I sewed the two bottom wings side by side. Basically I just connected the corners. I then placed the body over the center and sewed it on with the yarn that was left from the fastening off process. (What would I call that? The tail?)  If I wanted to I could have glued it also. Depends on how you want to do it I suppose. 

Finished butterfly. I am not good at the whole embroidery part but I threw a little cream in the wings. I think it turned out really cute! I think it would be cute too if you maybe took some beads and just glued them on to the wings or even felt? Ew how about little buttons? So many ideas. I think I will turn this one into a little pin. I love pins!  

For more great free Crochet patterns visit - Crochet Pattern Central

Monday, March 12, 2012

My New Fan Page!

Introducing my new fan page! Frankie's Avon FanPage on Facebook!  I decided that I am going to delete my recent page because I really needed to add my own name in the title. However you can not change the name of your fan page on facebook unless you have under 100 fans. When I would try to ask others to take their names off just so that I could change it then put them back on - more people would just keep coming! Not that I am not thankful! By all means I am very thankful. However it was too much to keep up with. So I decided that I would create a new one. And those who are my friends and family would soon start to pile in! The other fan page takes 14 days I guess to delete after you have pressed the "delete" button. So its just kinda sitting there. I will just let it delete. :) So this is the one that I will now focus on! Thank you for your support and your friendship!! It means a lot to me! Thank you very much! XOXO Frankie  AND REMEMBER - LEAVE ME A SHOUT OUT ON MY WALL SO I CAN RETURN THE "LIKE". I WILL ALSO SHARE YOUR BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS WITH OTHERS FROM MY WALL! 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Wear the Necklace that can change the world!

Click here to order

Looking to make a few extra dollars?

First I am going to give you Avon's slogan then I am going to tell you my own personal oppinion.

Considering a career as an Avon Representative? As a Representative, your earnings potential depends on you and your ability to provide reliable and courteous service to your customers. There is no limit to what you can achieve, even as a traditional Representative. And now there is more. You can broaden your sales skills by training as an Avon Beauty Advisor. And in many markets, we now have Leadership programs that reward you for developing your business and making it bigger. In leadership, you have a true entrepreneurial opportunity. By introducing others to the benefits of selling for Avon, you can build and mentor your own Downline of Representatives.

 I am not going to tell you that selling Avon is going to make you rich over night! I would not do that to you. I decided to sell Avon because I wanted to make a little extra money because I can not work out of the house right now with all my little ones running around. I knew that I would not be making a huge amount of money. But, I would be doing something. If you are like me and are always at home and feel like you want to do a little more - this could be your opportunity. I am speaking from the heart when I say that I love my kids so much and I would never want to be away from them but sometimes we have to do something for ourselves. You can not help your family be happy if you yourself are not happy with who you are. The main thing however is you have to be patient and know yourself. If you are not sure about getting out and knocking on doors or are not a very social person there is always the option of online sales! If you think you might want to give it a shot let me know I will answer any questions you might have.

If you are interested or want to learn a little more about what it takes to get started then please click the link. If you are not sure and want to talk to me a little bit about it - please do not hesitate to leave me a message!

And remember that results may vary accordingly. 


Shipping costs through Avon? How much?

I was doing a bit of research this morning and I was on the Avon website. I wanted to see just how much shipping costs were if you did not use a code before you hit your $30.00 limit. You know you get free shipping no matter what after you reach $30.00 right? Okay good. Just making sure. Anyways - I wanted to see how much it would cost if I was not a first time costumer ( you get free shipping any size first time order with code FIRSTREP) and wanted to order a smaller order. So no matter what size object I put in the basket it always ended up with $3.00 even for shipping. After searching the net that comes out to a pretty good deal. For example, I wanted to order a dollhouse bed that is not even half the weight of one bottle of the larger Avon lotions, and they wanted to charge me $10 for shipping it! Or lets talk about how you are charged $7.00 shipping + $19.00 processing just to order a birth certificate online!  It is just a piece of paper. So this $3.00 shipping fee sounds like a good deal no matter how you slice it!

So when you are worried about high shipping costs just remember Avon has low shipping costs. And not only that but so many sales go on every two weeks! So you are always going to get a great bargain with Avon.

Thank you for visiting my blog! Have a wonderful day!! :):)


Oh Its Friday. I am actually very glad its here. Not because its the end of the week but because I have no plans on going anywhere. I get to sit at home today - paint, sell some Avon, and best of all - teach my five hear old how to read! We spent almost two hours at the library yesterday finding books that she can learn to read from. I love to watch her get excited when she learns a word and does not have to have to have help when it comes around again.  Kids can really be fun and really be a huge challenge at times. I have my six and its really funny how they are have their own different personalities and problems. I really have to try hard to treat them accordingly. That is why I think its important to spend special times with each one alone. Even if its going to the store. Then I automatically focus on that one child. Helps me out so much. I took my 15 year old with me last night for a drive to pick up my oldest son (going on 18) from night classes and it was such a nice time to catch up. Poor girl. I tell her that if she can get through high school knowing that only she can make things happen and that she is the one who determines her self worth - then there is NOTHING that will stand in her way. :) I think sometimes she is getting it. Then other times, not so much! I have faith in her. Its really hard to try to stay calm when they tell you things you don't want to hear either. But when it happens I just take a deep breath and think - remember being a kid - and then ask myself how I would have wanted to be talked to and treated at times like this. hahahah... its hard sometimes.. But I think I am doing alright so far. I HOPE! Thanks for listening to me vamp about my life!

Now let us talk about Avon shall we? I was looking into this new product that we have. Have you ever heard of Anew Genics? I personally have not tried it yet. But I do use the
Anew Advanced Wrinkle Corrector and if it helps with my wrinkles I don't know. I have never really expected a product to make me young again but I do believe in them for other things. When I was a teen I had acne so bad! I mean humiliating bad. I hated it. Well the doctor told me to dry my face out. I tried that with soaps and things but it made it worse. Then another doctor told me that its not a good idea because my skin was so oily already. So when I dried out my skin, the oils came back twice as much to try to balance out. So I started using a touch of lotion after I showered or cleaned my face!  I was very careful to what lotions to use though because they too would make me possibly break out. I tried the Avon Anew lotion thinking that it would be too thick and would make me break out. But it didn't. I actually really like it. And because its thick I do not have to use a whole lot! Which is even better. So I put it on my face right out of the shower. Other wise I will break out along my jaw line. So even if there is no such thing in a "fountain of youth" moisturizer (which all of the makeup companies are trying to put out there) Anew can help you with your blemishes and acne scars. I really would recommend it. And if you can catch them on a good sale you can get your lotion and it will last you so long! Mine doesn't even small good anymore! hahahah.. seriously no joke. I have had it that long. And its almost empty now - but I use it anyway! I don't care.

Avon is not for everyone and that is okay! Some Avon works - some Avon doesn't. But you can always try it risk free - money back guarantee if you are not happy with it. Give it a shot! I have listed a couple sales on the ANEW line down below.

Reg. $34.00
Sale $10.00
SAVE 70% While Supplies Last

ANEW Platinum, Ultimate, and Reversalist Sale - Buy 1, Get 1 for $12! Save up to $52 on any of these products listed here - CLICK ME WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

You will always receive free shipping on products $30 and over. And if you are a first time costumer then you will receive free shipping for your first time order only with code FIRSTREP. If you do choose to spend over $30 today then save your "first time code" for another day when you don't want to order over $30. for your free shipping. (Shipping cost is usually 3.00 for just about anything under the $30) Not too bad! 

Other great Avon offers - 


I hope you all have a great weekend. And please feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions or you want to leave a review GOOD OR BAD. Please. I want to hear about it. I have left bad reviews on here myself! hahaha.. terrible huh? 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring is already here?

Hi everyone. I know that is has been a while since I have updated my blog. Bad me. I know I know. I have been very busy with my family. I really need to make sure my family is happy and healthy before my blog! :) I have had a nice winter. I hope you all have too. It wasn't very cold either. But from what I can see not many places were. Spring is coming sooner than expected. The trees that flower before they get their leaves are already blooming! The thing that makes me nervous about that is I live in Oklahoma so spring means "TORNADOS" Not excited about that. And so if it is coming early does that mean we have longer time frame to deal with those ugly things? Two nights ago one hit Missouri. (sigh) I don't like them at all.

 I hope you all are excited for your spring to come early. More swimming and tanning and less makeup on faces. So this is a good time for this sale that Avon has going on right now on make up remover! Check it out - Make Up Remover. only $0.99 per 2oz bottle. And if you are a first time costumer you can receive FREE SHIPPING with code firstrep at checkout.

And of course there is always my personal favorite! LIPGLOSS!! :) I love avon lipgloss. I can say there are a few things that are not my favorite. To each their own I always say! I bought a plumping lipstick from them once. I will tell you - I wouldn't recommend it. Did not seem to work the way I had expected. However it is nice lipstick! Its very smooth and nice. BUT the lipgloss is for me!! I LOVE IT!  You can get one of these little mini intense lip gloss for $0.99! I am looking at my empty one sitting here on my desk right now. I put it there to remind me to get more. I will put that in when I am done here. :) Glazewear Intense Lip Gloss mini. They have sparky kind too. I am not a fan of glitter myself. :) But you can find all of those on the Glazewear link.

This little mirror is a great find also! How cute is this?? If you own an etsy shop or zibbet you can use these to decorate them and maybe resell them. At this price I think its a bargain! Only $1.49 each right now. Normally 10.00! Do not miss this one! Compact Mirror

Well I hope you all have a great weekend. Its Thursday already! I am sure it was Monday just yesterday. Life goes by so fast. So please make sure you stop and pay attention to the most important things around you other wise you will miss out on a lot before you even realize. Once its gone - its gone! LOVE YOUR FAMILY AND YOURSELF.  Have a great day.

XOXOXO Frankie