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All About Me 

Hi. my name is Frankie. I have been selling Avon online and off for about 6 years now. When I am not selling Avon, I am either hanging out with my children or painting.

Currently I am living in Montana.

I have six children all together.

I love art! All kinds of art.

There are many of you out there that do not like to fuss with Avon consultants and would rather order your products online. If you have any questions I will do what I can to get you the answers. I am honest and upfront with everything! I will even let you know if there is a product that I think "just didn't do it for me" and trust me - there are a couple! :) So get comfortable and lets see what you  might be interested in!

I appreciate you more than you know! I would love to come up with gifts and more for those of my costumers who I get to know and stay with me for all their avon needs. You can get in touch with me through my website or even here on my blog. I will post if I have any special giveaways. I usually don't give away Avon however.
I like to give away art or craft projects that I work on. I enjoy doing things like that. So keep coming back and see if I have anything posted.

Thank you so much for visiting and hopefully you will choose me today as your official Online Avon Consultant!

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