Back Orders/Brochures and Coupon Codes

Sometimes we miss out on previous campaign sales. Avon has it set up so that you can back order from two previous campaigns! How nice of them right? haha.. Whatever. I know I know. Either way I want to show you how its done!

I will add the campaign brochures here. You will not be able to order directly out of them. You can view them. So here is an easy way to to this:
1. Right click on this link Line Item Entry and open it up in a new tab.
2. Open click on the brochure you want to shop out of.

These two steps of course make it easier to navigate back and forth. :) When you find the item that you want to buy - high light with your right mouse/drag technique and hightlight the ITEM NUMBER. It will look something like this: 234-340 Then travel over to the "Line item entry" page that you just opened up in a new tab and paste that number in. Make sure you choose the campaign you are shopping out of in the drop down menu to get the correct prices at check out!
Then you write the item number down (or cut and paste - so much easier)

Its super easy! Lets get started!

Campaign 13

Campaign 12

Campaign 11
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Free Shipping on $25 or more..

Free Shipping on all orders...

And Remember - With coupon code FIRSTREP at check out you will receive FREE SHIPPING on all your first time orders no matter what the size! One coupon per costumer! HAVE FUN!
Last updated: 6/6/2016