Saturday, May 14, 2011

Are you a Painter? Maybe you are a photographer? Maybe even a sculpture?

I have placed some art work on this site. If you would like to check it out you are most welcome! What about you? Are you looking for a place to show off and sale your art? You can even meet other artists and be part of a artist social network! You can sign up for free or you can upgrade your account for only $30 a year! Actually I did sign up for a year. It never hurts to just look right? :)Artist Websites


  1. Hi, I am a new fan from Bloggy Moms.

    I look forward to enjoying your blog.


  2. Hello there! I'm a new follower here, and I'm hoping you'll get the chance to follow me too. I'm a new blogging Mommy, and am looking to learn from and share with as many Mommy's as possible! :D

    Name's April, 23, 2 kids, and a hubby- a dog and a cat. I'm about to start working again for the first time in over 2 years, unpaid, but it's going to be awesome. My life is crazy and chaotic, and so is my blog- hope you enjoy!! :)


  3. following you now from Bloggy Moms via GFC.
    See you around...
    Do visit Pinay In Texas Cooking Corner when you get the chance!

  4. Thanks Tammy. You know we gotta get our names out there! ;)