Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Art classes for this year are almost over! And so is Campaign 11.

There is only a couple more days till Campaign 11 is over. If you missed anything of course you know you can still put in for a backorder later. :) I will keep those links open to you at all times! Today I am tired. Its cloudy outside. It keeps raining a little here.. a little there...

I am hoping this summer I can paint a little more. I really need to find a groove where I can kinda pace myself. Kinda like when I was in school. One hour for this subject a day.. Another for this subject. So I have Family - Painting - Crocheting - Avon. Just need to figure out how to delegate it all. Staying off the net would probably help a lot! hahahaha...

This is the last week for my art classes. I really did not think it would bother me too much. Yesterday I ended one and when all the children were telling me their stories about their silly animals - I honestly did not hear much of them. I just watched the kids as they talked. I looked at their faces and their happy eyes. I then became very sad. I am going to miss them! And with all this crazy weather I will worry for them also. I almost started to cry when I thought of all of this. I had to hide it from them. When the last child was in their car with their parent waving goodbye to me as if they would see me again soon - the tears just came out. I could not stop them! I also prayed for their safe return and for the Angels to look over them. This is my second school year with them but this time it really hit me. I am not like the normal teachers. I do not rotate them out after the year is over. I usually have the same children all year long and then into the next. Well that is how it has worked out so far. They have all stolen my heart. I have one more to go this week. It's going to be hard for me also. But I will not let them see me sad. But I know I will cry on my way home again. I could cry right now just typing this out.

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