Sunday, May 8, 2011

Choose your own adventure

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Today is mothers day! YaY for moms! What a great day to celebrate our mothers. Today I woke up and decided that I was going to make some breakfast. Then I thought - Wait. I am the mom. Today is my day! So why can't the kids do it? At that moment my mood changed. I felt unhappy.I did not want to be unhappy so I decided to "choose my own adventure". I was not going to get upset today. So I made the breakfast just like I would any day and thought about how much I love them. This is why its my day. Because I do things like this! I decided to continue doing it. We had pancakes with dark chocolate chips and some heath candy pieces, bacon and eggs. It was really good. My kids loved it. The younger ones had it all over the sides of their faces and they were happy and laughing. That is why I am a mother! That is why this is my day today! I am happy. Happy to be a mother! Even if I still have to make breakfast and clean my house today.

BE HAPPY MOMS! You are the greatest. I know you may feel unappreciated a lot of the time. I know I do! I can relate. But just remember they do listen to you even when you do not think they do. They love you even when you do not think they do. :) If you  missed my last post - I dedicated this song to all of us ROCKSTAR MOMS! And yes.. that means you! Katey Perry. FIREWORK

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