Sunday, May 15, 2011

The cost of things in 1987

I was reading about the differance of costs from in the 80s compared to today. I wanted to share some of that with you.

The average cost of a new home: $127,200
A VCR(no DVDs yet): $270
Ground Beef = 3 bucks a pound
An 11oz can of ground coffee: 2.00
A six-pack of Coke:1.89
Box of Frozen waffles:1.50
A 10 Disk CD Changer:400.00
A camcoder:1,100.00
A first class stamp:.22
Gas: .96 per gallon!
A candy bar: .40
A walkman: 45.00
A dozen eggs: 1.00
A gallon of milk: 1.80
A loaf of bread: 1.25
Average price of a new car: 10,500
A pack of Cigs: 1.25 (actually I remember when my mom bought them for 1.10)
A box of cereal: 1.90
A Car Phone: 1,400.00
One Share of Microsoft Stocks: about 100.00

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  1. Wow! That's crazy!! Mainly the price of gas!! *gasp*
    Following you now from Bloggy moms! Would love a visit @

  2. Now, THAT's interesting! I actually remember cigs being under $1.00. I know. I'm a bit older than you :) You have a really nice site!
    found you through mommyblogs.