Monday, May 9, 2011

Kids are so cute!

My 6 year old gave me a cook book for mother's day. It was full of all the other children's, plus his, recipes for their favourite foods. This is my son's =

Oatmill. By Xander.
You get the bucket of oatmeal. Get some water and put it in a pot. Let it boil for 7 minutes. Put the oatmeal in the pot. Then you stir it for 8 seconds. Then you eat it! Put some brown sugar on it.

I thought that was so cute!

I loved this one too!

Dinosaur Cookies by Kenley

First you mix the dough. Then you put some flour on it. You cut the shape of a dinosaur. You put them in the oven for I think 3 min. Once they are done baking you ice them with blue or green icing. You can have one if you make them at night or you can have 2 if you make them in the morning.

Hot Dogs By Christian

Get the bread out. Get the meat out. Cook the meat. Put it on the hot dog bun. Put the ketshup and mustard on it. Then it's time to eat!

Chocolate Chip Cookies by Sydney

They are frozen and they are round. Put them on a pan. Put them in the oven. You cook them. you get them out. Let them cool and then put them on a plate.

I thought it was funny on some of these and the children's perception of time. I was thinking they would say that everything took hours and hours! You know when you were young you had no patients so everything seemed to take hours instead of min. But they didn't. I love the little book and I will keep it forever!

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