Friday, May 20, 2011

Kindness To Animals

Teach your children to be kind to all things that are smaller than themselves. Teach them by taking care of them with loving eyes and loving hands. Remember that everything starts in the home. You did not like the way you were raised? Then end that cycle now.

"Compassion may be first learned through kindness to all creatures great and small" -William J. Bennett

Little children, never give
Pain to things that feel and live,
Let the gentle robin come
For the crumbs you save at home,
As his meat you throw along
He'll repay you with a song.
Never hurt the timid hare
Peeping from her green grass lair,
Let her come and sport and play
On the lawn at close of day.
The little lark goes soaring high
To brigh windows of the sky,
Singing as if 'twere always spring,
And fluttering on an untired wing-
Oh! Let him sing his happy song,
Nor do these gentle creatures wrong.

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