Saturday, May 7, 2011

Online Friends

I just have to come in and tell you how much I love my new friends that I meet online. I actually have two people that I have known for about 12 or 13 years now that I met online. Remember when AOL was big? That is where I met them. When chatting and IM's were really fun. One of those said person's is like a mother to me now. She is the one that I call on the phone when I need advice about God or my children. I trust her with all my heart. I have met her 3 times I believe now in those years. I love her more and more as the days go by too. Then the other one he is about my age. He has been one of my best friends ever since. He has been there to help me through a lot of my growing up and my stressful days. I have never met him in person though. He lives all the way across the other side of the states. But I care for him just the same. :) And now I am meeting a couple more really nice people on the net and I am very thankful for that. :) Thank you to those of you who know who I am talking to!


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