Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Only a couple more days left.

Only a couple more days until this campaign is done. Of course you can still buy things out of this book. I will update the site to show you how. :) Thats the cool thing about Avon. You can "back order"! Today I am going to order a little care package for my mother and grandmother. This is what I am sending them. -

Foot Works Cherry Ice Moisturizing Lotion Sale $1.99
Reg. $5.00 1$1.99

NAILWEAR PRO Nail Enamel in Outlet Sale $1.99
Reg. $5.00 1$1.99

Shade: Luxe Lavender

NATURALS Pomegranate & Mango Refreshing Shower Gel Sale $1.99
Reg. $6.00 1$1.99

NATURALS Lemon Blossom & Basil Juicy Moisture Shower Gel Sale $1.99
Reg. $6.00 1$1.99

NATURALS Grapefruit & Mint Hand & Body Lotion Sale $1.99
Reg. $7.00 1$1.99

It says that I can buy a cute yellow bag for 3.00 when I buy one of those 1.99 Naturals lotions or shower gels.. but I am going to pass. I do not know if my grandmother would use it or not. But it might be good for someone else. I saved a lot of money though. Thats cool! And I know that my mother and grandmother love Avon so I am not worried about it. I MADE OUT! WoOHOo!

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