Friday, May 13, 2011

To Sale Or Not To Sale!

I had some trouble with my store lately. For some reason when someone registered on my page - they went to check out and they were sent to the reg. Avon.Com site. Unfortunate. If you want to order some Avon from me - please make sure that when you are checking out, you can still see my face at the top. Thank you! Other wise you would have to place my phone number at the bottom of the check out page. I tried to resolve this problem with Avon but got no where. Sorry.

Anwyays. My blog for today is about being a salesman/woman. I have to say that my hats are off to all of those in this profession. I am just a woman at home with my kids and it is an experience.

A woman came to my door wanting me to buy organic cleaning supplies. When I said Hello to her she started to rap about her product. I do not mean rap aka talk either. She literally started to RAP! I found it amusing. Even my children came to the door and listened to her. Well she started to show me what she could do with this stuff. She even handed me a bottle and said here, this one is for you. And I was sure she was not just "giving" me the bottle but I thought that was weird. Thats when it started. She became pushy. Would not really let me speak much or denie her. If I said anything not in her favor she would turn it around and tell me how she could do anything with this stuff. She even told me and showed me how much money my neighbors spent with her. WOW. She made it so hard for me to tell her now. I was beautiful - my kids were beautiful. She said I looked like a model!! I am not kidding. She was "really" laying it on thick. Started to drive me crazy! I just wanted her to go. But she made it so hard for me to say no. I thought if I said yes - she would go away finally. But really - I did not want the product. So I told her to come back later when my husband was home. That usually works! They usually go away and never return. Not this woman. She came back at nine at night! My husband said.. well its all you. Now go out there and tell her no! So I went out.. Told her that I was sorry. She was so mad at me. Now she was rolling her neck at me and telling me that she keeps her word and I do not and she said "now I gotta go back out there and sell this bottle that I was saving just for you!" Not even true because she had just as many as she did when she came to my door the first time. At that moment I did not have a concern about how I was going to please her because I knew she was lying to me the whole time she spoke to me. She had so much respect for me when she wanted something from me and then when I was not going to give it to her - she was rude. (sigh) So the trouble I had was - I do not want to be like that. I do not want to push people into saying "anything" just to get me to go away. But if I am not a little pushy they will not see that actually Avon is not that bad of a product line. But- I do not push. So I feel like I am either Out if I do or Out if I don't. you know that old saying. Its really frustrating. So what I am asking from all of you reader - can you tell me how you like to be approached? If you like to be approached? Anything that I can work with! I sure would appreciate it.

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