Sunday, September 25, 2011

Introducing GENICS

Does it make you feel uncomfortable when people ask you your age? Well now you can tell them how old you are because they are not going to believe you anyway after you use ANEW GENICS from Avon! This product is designed to STIMULATE your YOUTH GENE'S activity.  YOU can LOOK up to 10 YEARS younger than you really are!  And if you buy Anew Genics night time cream you can buy Anew Day Time cream for only $10! For more information click 
More Info About Anew Genics From Avon!  Also receive free shipping for orders over $30! 

Are you a lip gloss lover?? Avon is having a sale on Glaze Wear! You can get two for 5.00! Saves you 7.00! I have personally tried this lip gloss and I really like it a lot! It last longer and it is not sticky like most lip glosses. The colors are very impressive as well! GlazeWear LipGloss Sale!

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