Thursday, September 1, 2011


Every once in a while Avon has these great sales where you can buy like 4 or 5 things together for on 10.00! This campaign is one of those times! Woohoo! Check it out - by clicking the AVON WOW brochure cover!

Did any of you get any lipstick last campaign? I did. I love that stuff. I have a collection going on in my bag now. I did try some of the GlazeWear Mini Intense. I chose the Crimson. When picking out lipstick you should always choose two colors darker than your real lip color. Makes it look more natural. I tried it on me and my 4 year old. I figured if she can't test its color durability then no one can right?? Its almost out so I am going to have to get a regular sized one pretty soon. I also use the Smooth Minerals lipsticks when they go on sale. I am not even going to try to fake any of you out.. I ONLY buy the Avon when its on SALE. I am looking for Avon Bargains all the time too. Selling Avon is not a get rich scheme by all means. 

Well the kids are not getting ready for school as fast as they need to be so I should probably get going now and help them along! Hope everyone has a great day and stays safe. The world is a scary place sometimes.

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