Monday, March 12, 2012

My New Fan Page!

Introducing my new fan page! Frankie's Avon FanPage on Facebook!  I decided that I am going to delete my recent page because I really needed to add my own name in the title. However you can not change the name of your fan page on facebook unless you have under 100 fans. When I would try to ask others to take their names off just so that I could change it then put them back on - more people would just keep coming! Not that I am not thankful! By all means I am very thankful. However it was too much to keep up with. So I decided that I would create a new one. And those who are my friends and family would soon start to pile in! The other fan page takes 14 days I guess to delete after you have pressed the "delete" button. So its just kinda sitting there. I will just let it delete. :) So this is the one that I will now focus on! Thank you for your support and your friendship!! It means a lot to me! Thank you very much! XOXO Frankie  AND REMEMBER - LEAVE ME A SHOUT OUT ON MY WALL SO I CAN RETURN THE "LIKE". I WILL ALSO SHARE YOUR BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS WITH OTHERS FROM MY WALL! 

1 comment:

  1. Good decision on adding your own name! That way, your followers can easily identify you and the page. I will go over your page and look at your beautiful creations!