Friday, March 9, 2012

Shipping costs through Avon? How much?

I was doing a bit of research this morning and I was on the Avon website. I wanted to see just how much shipping costs were if you did not use a code before you hit your $30.00 limit. You know you get free shipping no matter what after you reach $30.00 right? Okay good. Just making sure. Anyways - I wanted to see how much it would cost if I was not a first time costumer ( you get free shipping any size first time order with code FIRSTREP) and wanted to order a smaller order. So no matter what size object I put in the basket it always ended up with $3.00 even for shipping. After searching the net that comes out to a pretty good deal. For example, I wanted to order a dollhouse bed that is not even half the weight of one bottle of the larger Avon lotions, and they wanted to charge me $10 for shipping it! Or lets talk about how you are charged $7.00 shipping + $19.00 processing just to order a birth certificate online!  It is just a piece of paper. So this $3.00 shipping fee sounds like a good deal no matter how you slice it!

So when you are worried about high shipping costs just remember Avon has low shipping costs. And not only that but so many sales go on every two weeks! So you are always going to get a great bargain with Avon.

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