Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring is already here?

Hi everyone. I know that is has been a while since I have updated my blog. Bad me. I know I know. I have been very busy with my family. I really need to make sure my family is happy and healthy before my blog! :) I have had a nice winter. I hope you all have too. It wasn't very cold either. But from what I can see not many places were. Spring is coming sooner than expected. The trees that flower before they get their leaves are already blooming! The thing that makes me nervous about that is I live in Oklahoma so spring means "TORNADOS" Not excited about that. And so if it is coming early does that mean we have longer time frame to deal with those ugly things? Two nights ago one hit Missouri. (sigh) I don't like them at all.

 I hope you all are excited for your spring to come early. More swimming and tanning and less makeup on faces. So this is a good time for this sale that Avon has going on right now on make up remover! Check it out - Make Up Remover. only $0.99 per 2oz bottle. And if you are a first time costumer you can receive FREE SHIPPING with code firstrep at checkout.

And of course there is always my personal favorite! LIPGLOSS!! :) I love avon lipgloss. I can say there are a few things that are not my favorite. To each their own I always say! I bought a plumping lipstick from them once. I will tell you - I wouldn't recommend it. Did not seem to work the way I had expected. However it is nice lipstick! Its very smooth and nice. BUT the lipgloss is for me!! I LOVE IT!  You can get one of these little mini intense lip gloss for $0.99! I am looking at my empty one sitting here on my desk right now. I put it there to remind me to get more. I will put that in when I am done here. :) Glazewear Intense Lip Gloss mini. They have sparky kind too. I am not a fan of glitter myself. :) But you can find all of those on the Glazewear link.

This little mirror is a great find also! How cute is this?? If you own an etsy shop or zibbet you can use these to decorate them and maybe resell them. At this price I think its a bargain! Only $1.49 each right now. Normally 10.00! Do not miss this one! Compact Mirror

Well I hope you all have a great weekend. Its Thursday already! I am sure it was Monday just yesterday. Life goes by so fast. So please make sure you stop and pay attention to the most important things around you other wise you will miss out on a lot before you even realize. Once its gone - its gone! LOVE YOUR FAMILY AND YOURSELF.  Have a great day.

XOXOXO Frankie

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