Friday, March 9, 2012


Oh Its Friday. I am actually very glad its here. Not because its the end of the week but because I have no plans on going anywhere. I get to sit at home today - paint, sell some Avon, and best of all - teach my five hear old how to read! We spent almost two hours at the library yesterday finding books that she can learn to read from. I love to watch her get excited when she learns a word and does not have to have to have help when it comes around again.  Kids can really be fun and really be a huge challenge at times. I have my six and its really funny how they are have their own different personalities and problems. I really have to try hard to treat them accordingly. That is why I think its important to spend special times with each one alone. Even if its going to the store. Then I automatically focus on that one child. Helps me out so much. I took my 15 year old with me last night for a drive to pick up my oldest son (going on 18) from night classes and it was such a nice time to catch up. Poor girl. I tell her that if she can get through high school knowing that only she can make things happen and that she is the one who determines her self worth - then there is NOTHING that will stand in her way. :) I think sometimes she is getting it. Then other times, not so much! I have faith in her. Its really hard to try to stay calm when they tell you things you don't want to hear either. But when it happens I just take a deep breath and think - remember being a kid - and then ask myself how I would have wanted to be talked to and treated at times like this. hahahah... its hard sometimes.. But I think I am doing alright so far. I HOPE! Thanks for listening to me vamp about my life!

Now let us talk about Avon shall we? I was looking into this new product that we have. Have you ever heard of Anew Genics? I personally have not tried it yet. But I do use the
Anew Advanced Wrinkle Corrector and if it helps with my wrinkles I don't know. I have never really expected a product to make me young again but I do believe in them for other things. When I was a teen I had acne so bad! I mean humiliating bad. I hated it. Well the doctor told me to dry my face out. I tried that with soaps and things but it made it worse. Then another doctor told me that its not a good idea because my skin was so oily already. So when I dried out my skin, the oils came back twice as much to try to balance out. So I started using a touch of lotion after I showered or cleaned my face!  I was very careful to what lotions to use though because they too would make me possibly break out. I tried the Avon Anew lotion thinking that it would be too thick and would make me break out. But it didn't. I actually really like it. And because its thick I do not have to use a whole lot! Which is even better. So I put it on my face right out of the shower. Other wise I will break out along my jaw line. So even if there is no such thing in a "fountain of youth" moisturizer (which all of the makeup companies are trying to put out there) Anew can help you with your blemishes and acne scars. I really would recommend it. And if you can catch them on a good sale you can get your lotion and it will last you so long! Mine doesn't even small good anymore! hahahah.. seriously no joke. I have had it that long. And its almost empty now - but I use it anyway! I don't care.

Avon is not for everyone and that is okay! Some Avon works - some Avon doesn't. But you can always try it risk free - money back guarantee if you are not happy with it. Give it a shot! I have listed a couple sales on the ANEW line down below.

Reg. $34.00
Sale $10.00
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You will always receive free shipping on products $30 and over. And if you are a first time costumer then you will receive free shipping for your first time order only with code FIRSTREP. If you do choose to spend over $30 today then save your "first time code" for another day when you don't want to order over $30. for your free shipping. (Shipping cost is usually 3.00 for just about anything under the $30) Not too bad! 

Other great Avon offers - 


I hope you all have a great weekend. And please feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions or you want to leave a review GOOD OR BAD. Please. I want to hear about it. I have left bad reviews on here myself! hahaha.. terrible huh? 

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