Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It is that time of the year! BUGS ARE OUT!

I was reading in the news today that bugs are worse than ever this year! The winter usually kills off many of the bugs but because our winters were so mild, they didn't. If you are living near a wooded area or where there is a lot of tall grass - then you are likely to have a huge problem with ticks this year. If you have kids (I do) - the that is not a good thing to leave them outside unprotected either (I got them some!). You need to find a way to protect them. Even your animals are going to have serious flea infestations. I have my dog and cats inside and I have at least one outbreak every year. 

Another thing to think about is it is possible that your children may be allergic to some insect bites. So if you have a child that is out playing soccer or even baseball this season its a good idea to protect them and yourself! 

Do you know anyone who works out in construction? Someone who works for Cable Company or even checks utility boxes?? They are around high grass next to homes a lot of time! Get them protected now! 

Avon has the best bug guard. Unlike OFF - Avons Skin so soft bug guard is DEET FREE, CONTAINS 30spf SUNSCREEN and DOES NOT need to be washed off when you come inside. I put a little on my animals also. Helps them keep off the fleas too!  Click here for more information! -> AVON BUG GUARD!

Take it to the ball games with you or if you are out working.

So if you are outdoors - makes sure you are covered up, tuck in your socks inside your pants and keep checking around your wrist and ankles for signs of ticks and make sure you have your spray available at all times! 

Also you can try the original Skin so soft oil. My uncles used to use it when I was a little girl every time they went to deer camp to keep off the bugs! Original Skin So Soft Oil

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