Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lets get all Fancy!

Hello fellow Avon Lovers! How is everything going for you this week?? My week is alright. Just hanging out. I sold a painting! So that is a good thing!

I wanted to tell you that I tried the Avon lotion in the last blog and OH MY GOSH! I love love love the way it smells! Did I mention this yet??? This scent has an old rose smell to it. If you like the smell of flowers and roses - this is perfect for you! I love it right after a shower and then when I crawl into bed. My side of the bed smells just like it now.. It actually helps me sleep better too just knowing that I am clean and I smell this good. :):) I tell my husband that I smell "Fancy". He laughs. Now there are many other sales that are going on with the skin so soft lotions - this one comes with two bottles of body lotion, one bottle of body wash and then a smaller tube of body lotion. The body wash smells exactly like the lotion. SOOO GOOD! I love it. I am actually going to buy another set. This is the  I bought my first one for only $9.99! For more details - Click Here!

Here you can find the original skin so soft bath oil on sale for only 6.99 - For more details - Click Here

Do you love the "original" Skin so soft body lotion and the way it smells? Then you are in luck! Its also on sale for only 4.99! For more details - Click Here

How about all those sweet body washes that we all love?? These great washes are also on sale for 2.99 each! For more details - Click Here

Lets not forget about Easter and Mothers day!! They are coming up very soon also! Now is your chance to get grab some special deals! Look at this super cute ring set. Perfect for a gift! All for only 5.99! Click Here

For more sales on jewelry please follow this link. They have some very cute things in here and great prices that will not bust your budget but make anyone who is receiving the gifts very happy and feel loved!  FOR MORE GREAT GIFTS FOR SOMEONE SPECIAL CLICK HERE

Remember to shop around and see what else Avon has going on. They always have deals. If your favorite product is not on sale right now - you know it will be soon! So make sure you put me in your favorites! And if you have any questions at all - please do not hesitate to leave me a comment! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STOPPING BY! I APPRECIATE YOU!

XOXO Frankie

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