Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Recently I have joined Pinterest! Yea! I have been making up my personal boards and one of them is of my Avon. For some reason they keep getting deemed as SPAM! I do not see how that is. I am not spamming anyone. If a person does not like Avon they do not have to click on the links right? So I am wondering if its other Avon Reps reporting me as spam. None of my other links to my art work etc are reported as spam. I even have links selling things that I have made to Zibbet. I would think that would be considered spam and inappropriate also right? However - no where in pinterest rules does it say that we may not pin from our websites. So I am a little frustrated because I had to repin my photos and also take the links off and write them in the description instead. Kinda stinks because its so much easier when you can just click on not have to worry about cutting and pasting. Either way I am not going to stoop to any of those levels and I am going to keep moving forward! ;) 

If you would like to see me and what I am up to on Pinterest please stop by! Frankie - On Pinterest

PS, did you see this video from the Dr. Oz show?? They are talking about some really nice wrinkle creams that actually work.. and guess what.. Avon Anew was the first product mentioned! Check it out for yourself!

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