Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just dropping in to show you what I bought from Avon!

Today I went shopping! My favorite perfumes are on sale so I am buying myself and my husband some. Also a really cute bag for the kids to put their sunblock and brushes in for the pool. I usually have this huge bag because I figured their towels would go in it also - but they usually just end up carrying them anyway. Then I am left carrying this huge bag with one bottle of sunblock in it! So this is the bag I am going to get for them. I got it for 7.99. Normally its 14.99. I found them selling them on Amazon for over 30! Wow. Out of control!

When I have it - I will take pictures of it to show you its actual size and what I can put it in! :) Then if you like them maybe you can go pick your babies one! :) 

For my hunny because I like it when he smells good. Half off of 32.00

For me because I like it when I smell good. And so does my hunny. Half off of 34.00

This stretchy loofah is pretty cool. Its also on sale for only 1.99. I will take it! 

Another good thing about this is that you can get .99 cents shipping on all items under $30. Then of course if you go over $30 its free! 

First time costumer? Free shipping with any size order with code FIRSTREP at checkout.

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