Monday, June 6, 2016

Book of Virtues: Which Loved Best?

As a mother of six, I could not help but smile after reading this from the Book of Virtues. 

Which Loved Best? by Joy Allison

"I love you Mother," said little John; 
Then forgetting his work, his cap went on. 
And he was off to the garden swing,  
Leaving his mother the wood to bring. 
"I love you Mother," said rosy Nell, 
"I love you more than tongue can tell." 
Then she teased and pouted full half the day. 
Till her mother was glad when she went to play. 
"I love you Mother," said little Fan, 
"Today I'll help you all I can; 
How glad I am that school doesn't keep!" 
And she rocked the babe til he fell asleep. 

Then stepping softly, she took the broom, 
And swept the floor, and dusted the room. 
Busy and happy all day was she; 
Helpful and happy as a child could be. 

"I love you Mother," again they said, 
Three little children going to bed. 
How do you think their mother guessed
Which of them really loved her best?

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Avon Product Recall List

Hello everyone. As an Avon Rep. I feel it is important to let you know which items have been recalled and why. There are some instances when the items are only recalled for small reasons and other times for much more important reasons. Regardless, you should always be informed!

My little Pony Light Up Watching
August 5, 2015

Nut Chopper 
July 15, 2015

Ergonomic Eyelash Curler
May 13, 2014

Microwave Popcorn Maker
May 16, 2013

If you would like more information as to why these products were recalled, please click on over to my website and see full reasons! Happy Shopping and please be safe and take care of yourself always! RECALLED ITEMS DESCRIPTION  

 Last update: 6/06/2016
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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Deet VS Avon Skin so Soft Mosquito Repellent

Get your Skin So Soft Today
Lets talk about bug spray. I have been reading some research about the difference between "deet" products and "without deet" products. There are a lot of information out there claiming that deet will cause extreme damage to our bodies. However, a lot of websites say that deet is not the problematic chemical that it has been known to be. It can really get confusing! So I went to the EPA! The EPA has written "The Agency has not identified any risks of concern to human health, non-target species or the environment."

So what is the problem with it? 

I then decided to see if there were any studies out there for deet products vs Avon skin so soft products. Here is what I found:

According to the BCMedical Journal, "Tests were undertaken to determine the effectiveness of three mosquito repellents: 95% DEET, Avon Skin So Soft bath oil, and a “special mixture” of substances thought to have insect repellent qualities." The results were as follows: "The event distribution was as follows: placebo—40 events; special mixture—28 events; Avon Skin So Soft—6 events; DEET—0 events." With this information they concluded that "...Avon Skin So Soft were compared with each other, Avon Skin So Soft was found to be 85% as effective as DEET".

 For more information on this study go to: BCMJ

 Get Your Bug Spray Today!In my own experience and with my children, products with deet in them are really stinky and harsh on the nose! I have a hard time putting it on my children or myself because of this reason. My kids literally run when I pulled out the bug spray! Then I started to buy Avon bug spray. It doesn't have the deet in it and so its not so abrasive to the senses.  We have now been using it for a couple of years and I have not yet had a problem with bites or running children. They actually seek it out so they don't get bit. We have it on stock all the time now! 

Our bug spray and Original Skin So Soft Oils are on sale today for up to 50% off! If you want to give it a shot go to Avon with Frankie and pick some up. If you want free shipping with your $15.00 or more order then type in SHIPMAY at checkout! 

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Get that shine-free look on your lips! TIPS HOW TO

Perfect the shine-free lipcolor look using a matte lipstick and lip liner combination. Avon Celebrity Makeup Artist Lauren Andersen shows you how to apply Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick like a professional. 



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Thursday, May 19, 2016

I Am Back!

Hi everyone. It has been a long time since I have posted on my blog. I have been selling Avon this whole time however! Today I am working on updating all my pages and links. Not much seems to be too messed up except a lot of the photos from previous posts are missing. Doesn't really matter at this point I guess anyway.
I hope everyone has been well. I have been. In the last couple of years I have moved across the US and I have painted and sold a couple paintings, got to work in an art museum for a year and grew a lot on the inside. I am no longer supporting a facebook page for Avon, however you can find me still on Twitter! 
Normally I like to keep my art career and my Avon career seperate but when I think about it, I wonder why? Doesn't make any sense. So if you would like to learn more about me please look me up @Frankie_art. You can see what type of art I create and all the dumb things I post. I do have a blog for my art as well. But unfortunately it is not updated. My fan page is always updated. So go see the painting I am working on! 
So before I lose you entirely because this blog post is getting a little long - I want to mention that I have updated the back order section of the blog. You can view my current campaign brochures and codes. 

Also can I interest you in an Avon Sweepstakes?? Give it a go and see if you win! ENTER NOW

I would also like to point this out - If you go to shop with me, please make sure you see my name in the right hand corner. Other wise you are not shopping with me.

 Let me know if you need any assistance. 

I am going to update and rework my blog over the next couple of days.

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Friday, March 29, 2013



Are you ready for Spring??! Are your nails ready?? Soon we are going to have to put on those open toe Sandals again and you know what that means! Your toenails need to be looking their best!

Keep it funky with Avon's MOSAIC LOOK. Right now it is on sale for 2.99 a bottle! 

If you are not interest in the artistic, funky look then maybe you would like to add some glitter to your style? Check it out at $3.49 each! Glitter Nail Enamel AVON.

But you know that glitter is not for everyone.. Some of us like to keep it simple. And here are three very simple very Spring colors! I love these colors! They too are on sale right now for $3.49 each! PRO NAIL SPRING COLORS! 

Better yet - If you would like to see all the deals for polish just follow this link - NAIL POLISH FROM AVON
It is almost the rainy season and I heard a rumor that AVON BUBBLE BATH can actually be used like a rain ex. It helps keep the rain off of your windshield. 
I found some bubble bath that is on sale also! Normally $8. Right now you can get this huge bottle for only $6. GET IT NOW! 

While you are looking around - make sure you just peek in on the Anew Moisturizing creams. They have a BUY ONE GET THE 2ND FOR $12.00! 
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Also do not forget to check out our clearance section!! :):) You can always find a good deal in there! SAVE NOW! 

Friday, January 11, 2013

New Years Resolution Help!

Right now you can win a 2 week FREE PASS to Curves! Bring your receipt from any curves purchase from Avon to claim your two week pass! New Guests only! 

If your resolution is to lose weight this year - just remember one thing. Baby Steps! Don't tell youself that you are going to lose a certain amount right away. Make your goal smaller to start. Tell yourself you are going to lose 2 pounds this month! Then maybe 2 pounds next. BABY STEPS! You can do this! :):) My resolution is to stop cussing! Yes. I admit it. I cuss sometimes. Its ugly and I know and I admit it. I have been doing very well so far. One thing I have to remember though is to not cuss in my head either! hahaha.. ;) Makes no sense if that is what I am doing right? GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! 

Free Standard Shipping With Your $10 Purchase. Use code SNOWY at checkout. 

On sale only 5.99. Was 29.99. Perfect for your little valentine in your life. My little ones birthdays are coming up next month so one is getting the blue one and the other the pink. :)

Do you like that "Crackle" look on your nails? Well now you can get 2 for 6.99! 

Do you have a football fan in your life?? Give him the gift that shows off his team spirit and pride! 

LOVE THAT LOOK! With Anew! This stuff does work. :) 

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